Telemedicine visits are currently being offered by Dr. Jiang.

Please continue reading to understand the benefits and limitations of a telemedicine visit. If your concern is appropriate for a telemedicine visit, please call our office to schedule an appointment. Note that new or changing growths/moles need to be seen in a regular, in-person visit. 

Existing Accutane patients: please scroll to the bottom for updated information. 

What is telemedicine?

  • Telemedicine is a virtual medical appointment in which both audio and visual communication is used simultaneously between doctor and patient.

In general, what concerns are most appropriate to discuss using telemedicine?

  • Rosacea and Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • New rashes
  • Skincare
  • Certain hair issues
  • Warts (for over the counter and prescription recommendations)
  • Actinic keratoses (for discussion of a prescription chemotherapy cream to use at home. Freezing with liquid nitrogen can be done in-office)
  • Nail fungus

What concerns CANNOT be evaluated using telemedicine?

  • Routine skin checks
  • Concerning growths (concerning moles, concerning spots for skin cancer like basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas)
  • Why are these concerns not appropriate for telemedicine? The clarity of pictures transmitted by a camera does not match that of the naked human eye. Determining if something is cancerous requires seeing it in person, evaluating its color and blood vessels, and feeling its texture.

What platforms are we using for telemedicine?

  • Facetime
  • Skype (please provide your username, or associated email address or phone number)
  • (no account needed. Must use Google Chrome on your computer, not your phone)

How do I prepare for my telemedicine visit?

  • If we are using FaceTime or Skype:
    • Ensure your FaceTime or Skype is working, your phone is charged, and your camera and microphone are working and unmuted.
  • If we are using
    • Ensure your computer’s camera and microphone are working.
    • You must use Google Chrome browser
    • You must use your computer/laptop. It will not work on your phone.
  • General advice
    • Ideally, be near a window or other bright, natural light. If you cannot, ensure you are in a room that is very well lit.
    • Be prepared to quickly undress. If you can’t undress quickly, start off the visit with the sites of concern uncovered…or wear a bathrobe.
    • It is helpful to have another person hold the phone for you, especially for rashes on the back or areas other than the face.

What happens at my telemedicine visit?

  • For Facetime or Skype users:
    • You will receive a call from Dr. Jiang at your appointment time
  • For users:
    • Log into Dr. Jiang’s virtual “waiting room” 5-10 minutes before your appointment

If there are connectivity issues (either our end or your end) that delays the start of the appointment, we may need to reschedule.

What happens after my visit?

  • We will send your prescription(s) to your preferred pharmacy.
    • We are happy to send it to a mail-order pharmacy and do 90-day supplies. Just let us know at the time of the visit
  • We may recommend a follow-up visit, biopsies or lab work in the office.
  • We may send you a reminder card for a skin check once quarantine ends so we can see each other in person

What is the cost of a telemedicine visit?

  • Medicare patients:
    • Telemedicine is billed at the same rate as an in-person visit (this amount is set by Medicare). You will be receiving a bill for this visit.
  • Privately-insured patients
    • Insurance companies are starting to cover these visits, and new policies are being made each day. Please contact your insurance company prior to scheduling the visit to ensure the visit can be covered.
    • Please ask them "What place of service code do they use?" and "What modifier (95 or GI or other) do they use?"
  • Self-pay patients
    • Please contact our office.

Information for established patients at our practice who are on Accutane

Unfortunately, we are not starting new Accutane courses over telemedicine.

  • During the pandemic, we can do telemedicine visits for monthly check-ins.
  • Women: the iPledge program is allowing in-home, over-the-counter pregnancy tests. Please do this the day before our scheduled telemedicine visit. Note that lock-out periods and contraception requirements have not changed.
  • If you are due for bloodwork (liver tests, cholesterol tests), this can be done in our office or at a lab facility of your choosing.